Myopia Control

What is the myopia control?

Myopia in children and teens may just seem like it's just about needing a pair of glasses. However, as childhood myopia worsens, the eye is growing at an accelerated rate. The eyes are meant to grow in childhood, at a regular rate up until age 10 to 12. However if they grow too quickly or don’t stop at age 10 to 12, then a child becomes myopic. This excessive growth of the eye stretches the retina – the light sensitive layer lining the back of the eye – and the stretching increases risk of eye diseases and vision impairment occurring across your child’s lifetime.

How to manage? 

  • Atropine eye dropsAtropine drops dilate the pupils and temporarily relieves the focusing fatigue of children’s eyes.
  • Myopia control spectacle: Lenses that allow light to stimulate certain areas of the eye to allow clear vision and slow eyeball growth at the same time.
  • Soft contact lensAn alternative myopia control option to OrthoK hard contact lenses without moulding the cornea.

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