Single Vision Lenses

ZEISS SV ClearView Lenses

Not your average single vision lens.

Our standard is way above standard.

Affordable and available quickly, standard single vision lenses are a popular choice. You can even buy these type of glasses online.
But there's a catch: Conventional single vision lens designs often compromise good optics to make them flat and thin enough. The result is clarity through the center of the lens, but blurred vision through the sides.

ZEISS ClearView raises the bar for pre-moulded single vision lenses – so you don’t have to compromise.   


  • Excellent Vision

    Up to 3x larger areas of excellent vision clarity than standard stock lenses.

  • Flatter Base Curve

    Lenses are up to 49% flatter thatn standard stock lenses.

  • Thinner Lenses

    Lenses are up to 16% thinner than standard stock lenses.


Standard VS Premium Lenses