To make lighter and thinner!

Consider the thinner lenses option to improve ligheter weight and thinner lenses.

  • 1.50 Index

    Basic lenses.

  • 1.60 Index

    20% thinner lenses.

    Great choice for stronger prescriptions.

  • 1.67 Index

    35% supper thinner lenses.

    Great choice for extra stronger prescriptions.

  • 1.74 Index

    40% ultra thinner lenses.

    Great choice for highest stronger prescriptions.

Other Lens Options!

You might consider any other lens options ro improve better optical performance.

  • Lens Coating

    Consider anti-scratch, anti-reflective, and full UV protection between at the front and the back surfaces.

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  • Blue Light Blocking

    Consider two blue light blocking methods; by coating reflection (traditional), and by material absorption (new technology).

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  • Sun Protection

    Consider being a free under the sun. Choose new technology of photochromic lenses, or sunglasses by tint lens or polarised lenses.

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