Upgrade your spectacle lenses for a more convenient life!

Consider the sun protection options to improve a better life style.

  • Photochromic: Sun Adaptation

    The latest self-tinting technology and therefore offer a high level of performance; darken up to 60% faster and clear up again up to 2.5 x times faster.

  • Polarised: Sunglasses

    This greatly not only reduces glare and allows the wearer to experience the full brilliance and vibrancy of the colours, but also offers maximum protection against potentially harmful UV light.

  • Tint: Sunglasses

    Tinted glasses are simply a type of sunglasses or eyeglasses lens. They are created by coating a UV-blocking lens with different tints: blue, green, brown, yellow etc.

  • Photochromic + Polarised

    Smart sunglasses lenses that adapt to changing light. From dark to darker in only 18–35s. ZEISS AdaptiveSun Solutions is our latest innovation in self-tinting sunglasses lenses.

Other Lens Options!

You might consider any other lens options ro improve better optical performance.

  • Thinner & Lighter

    Consider thinner lens option to make a lighetr too. You can expect thinner and lighter up to 40%.

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  • Blue Light Blocking

    Consider two blue light blocking methods; by coating reflection (traditional), and by material absorption (new technology).

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  • Lens Coating

    Consider anti-scratch, anti-reflective, and full UV protection between at the front and the back surfaces.

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