SmartLife / DriveSafe Lenses

IHOLICS's Single Vision Pro Lens with ZEISS IndividualFit Technology, the patient's visual activity profile is matched to one of three unique lens design options – Balanced, Intermediate or Near – to ensure the lens is an ideal fit for each wearer's individual lifestyle and activities.

ZEISS Single Vision Pro SmartLife Individual3 Lenses - A New Generation of Tailor - Made Lenses

ZEISS uses the latest scientific findings on visual behavior and visual needs to update its premium product portfolio.

Full UV protection coating.
Blue light absorption new technology, 45~50% blocking.

Why Single Vision Pro (Individual) Lens?

There is no doubt that our viewing habits change according to our lifestyle. The ZEISS SmartLife lens portfolio was launched in 2019 as a solution to the challenges of modern, dynamic viewing behavior, which is typified by increased switching between digital and analog. Recent studies now show that viewing behavior has changed even more. Intense digital viewing in our daily lives with multiple devices at the same time has made dynamic visual behavior an even more important factor in a fast-changing, digitally immersive world. The trend can be observed across all age groups: More than half of the world’s population now carries a portable digital device. 55 plus is the age group with the largest current smartphone penetration growth rate and 60 percent of children under the age of 5 years are already starting to engage with smartphones.

Professional Individually Measurements for The Best Vision Only For You.


IHOLICS's Unique Expertise in Optics with ZEISS Lens

3D digital

Exactly Pupil Size Analisys

Calculated personal pupil size can improve vision in all lighting environments: indoors, outdoors, in tunnels, at night, and on foggy days. Additionally, the peripheral vision is wider and more natural than standard lenses.

3D Digital

Exactly Back Vertect Distance Analisys

Measured exact back vertex distance between your cornea and back surfaced lenses, we modify your prescription to provide the best vision by 0.01 Diopter.

3D Digital

Exactly Frame Size Analysis

Exactly correct the frame size value can make the best optimisation in your peripheral area. Also, we can measure the wrap angle and pantoscope angle by 0.1 degree.

Choose The Best Optical Design

In ZEISS Single Vision Pro Lens, there are two types of lens designs. Choose one of the lens design depending on your lifestyle.


    Recommended for those who do a lot of digital work in their daily lives.

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    It is recommended for people who have many digital tasks in their daily lives but who drive more than 3.5 hours a day.

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