Photochromic or Transitions Lens

Photochromic lens can improve your life!

By reducing your eyes’ exposure to the sun, photochromic lenses can help protect you from eye conditions like cataracts. They also help reduce eye strain that can be caused by the changing light.

Photochromic or Transitions lenses become darker when you are in the sun and getting clear back when you’re inside. A chemical reaction in the lens causes them to darken when they’re exposed to UV.



Does photochromic lens can activate behind the car?

Yes, the photochromic lenses are devided three types. One is the general photochromic lens which is able to be dark in outside, but it is not working well behind the care becasue of your car window has already protected by UV. The photochromic active can activate the colour change behind the car as well. Ask IHOLICS to get a more photochromic lens information and find the solution.