To make a better quality!

Consider the lens coating options to improve better optical performance.

  • Super Hard

    Basic lens coating (anti-scratch).

  • Anti-Reflective (AR)

    Anti-reflective includes anti-scratch, anti-dusty, eash to clean, and UV protection at the front surface only (60~80% UV blocking).

  • Anti-Reflective UV (ARUV)

    Adding super improved anti-scratch, anti-reflective, and UV block functions from the AR. So you can use it longer and protect 100% UV from the sun.

  • Mirror/Flash Mirror

    Recommending for sunglasses with Mirror or Flash mirror (half mirror) looking better.

Protect your eyes from the harmful rays: UV in Australia

In Australia, UV rays are 6 times stronger than other counctries (especially Asia). Now, choose full UV protection lens coating for your eye health.

Other Lens Options!

You might consider any other lens options ro improve better optical performance.

  • Thinner & Lighter

    Consider thinner lens option to make a lighetr too. You can expect thinner and lighter up to 40%.

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  • Blue Light Blocking

    Consider two blue light blocking methods; by coating reflection (traditional), and by material absorption (new technology).

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  • Sun Protection

    Consider being a free under the sun. Choose new technology of photochromic lenses, or sunglasses by tint lens or polarised lenses.

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