Contact Lens Assessment

Professional contact lens assessment

Even contact lenses, we highly recommend to have a contact lens assessment by professionals. There are lots of soft contact lens manufacturers with diferrent lens designs. Also, the contact lens prescription could be less than compared with your glasses prescription depending on your spectacle prescription. If you have astigmatism, or are presbyopia, you definitly have an assessment the contact lenses on your eyes how it works on your cornea.


Finding the best lens for your eyes

We find what brand, material, and size of contact lens is the best for your comfort eyes with all day moisturising.


Contact lens assessment services includes:

It costs $50 for a patient who is the first time to order contact lenses. If you have already had an contact lens assesssment with changing new brand, it costs $30. This cost includes contact lens assessment, fitting and teach, and trial lenses as well. Book Contact Lens Assessment