Brand Launch Event 2024

IHOLICS informs you of new products and events. This event takes effect starting tomorrow and is for a limited time.

1. New eyewear collections - SAINT LAURENT, BLENCIAGA, MARKUS-T
2. Back in stock - 2024SS GUCCI, 2024SS MUUT, 2024SS KAMEMANNEN
3. New category launch - ZEISS SNOW GOGGLES (prescription lens available)
4. Government glasses - if you have pension card or health care, you might eligible.

[EVENTS - Limited time only]
1. 20% off in new eyewear collections - SAINT LAURENT, BALENCIAGA, GUCCI, KAMEMANNEN, SILHOUETTE
2. 10~15% off in other eyewear collections
3. Prescription lenses - $50~$100 off & Free blue-light cut upgrade in ZEISS Lens, and 10% in HOYA Lens
4. $30 off in disposable soft contact lenses - be required ordering for the bulk package in Daily disposable for 90days, Monthly product for 7 months

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